Tutorials & Documentation

Plug Hdmi end into your TVs hdmi port,  Plug in power
Power light should illuminate on player
Select correct Hdmi channel on your tv (if more than one available)
make sure remote has batteries in it :)
you can us a mouse or wireless mouse if you don’t want to use the supplied remote (recommended for inputting passwords etc)

Connecting to Internet:
On the homescreen at startup (planet revolving) select Settings (Mbox Settings – picture of a cog)
You should now be in the settings menu …

Connecting via WIFI (hint – its easier to use a mouse for this part if you can)
place a tick in the WIFI box (will probably be already ticked by default)
click on your router name and you a box should appear to input your password in – your password must be put in exactly right – if it’s in capitals then you must use capitals etc..
after that simply press connect and wait…

Connecting via Ethernet
Plug in your Ethernet cable and make sure its plugged into your router – now untick the wifi box if its ticked and tick the Ethernet box instead and wait a few seconds – thats it J – do not go into Ethernet settings and change anything – its already fully set up.

Display Settings
now move to the Display screen (one along from the network settings and click on Display – go down to “Display Position” now click on the “-“ or “+” symbols to set the screen size so it shows a small black frame round your tv screen when you can see the black border your screen is set to the right size.

****Now right click your mouse or press return or home on your remote to get back to the Homescreen****

you should now be back on your homescreen and you should be able to see the time displayed in the top right corner – if you cant see it then go back to display settings and set your screen size again, if the time is wrong then you are not connected connected to the internet so please check your settings and restart your router.

Test your internet connection by trying out an app such as Movie HD or Mobdro or click on the Google Chrome browser icon and load a webpage just to check everything is ok.
assuming everything is ok you are now good to go, you can mess around and try out some of the apps already on the box or click on the wizard app (Xbmcplayer- Kodi App) this will display a disclaimer which you must agree to if you want to use it – please read it and use the password you have been given to download the latest speciality build of kodi (its all pretty straight forward)

Once Kodi has been installed and is opened allow it a couple of minutes to update (just leave it standing without clicking around yet) after that you can begin exploring the wonderful world of free tv.

Again to make it clear – we have no control over what is shown on the addons or apps etc please do not ask us about how to access copyrighted material that you don’t have the rights in place to be watching we will not help you.

The system is pretty easy to use just move left or right to the section you want to use and click on it some sections have drop down menus that offer more selections.

when clicking on an section to use it please allow a couple of seconds to open don’t start to press the button over and over again – this will not help and may even cause it to crash so you would need a to restart.

Please try and avoid going in to the settings menu and changing anything! But if you do think you have messed something up just restart the box and open the wizard app and redownload the latest build again to fix it.

Problems with Playback?
You need a broadband connection around 4 mb for this to run well (most homes have way more than this) if you find your movies or shows are a bit “laggy” then check what other sources in the household are currently using the internet. With Live tv channels these can go offline quite often but generally they come back on just as fast – if you get script errors or file not found errors then this could just be a dead link for the channel – move on and try another channel and come back to it later.

If you are having lots of problems with playback – make sure your wifi is getting a decent connection (your router should really be in the same room ) at least once a week you should unplug your router from the mains for 2 mins then restart it – its also best to use an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi wherever possible as this greatly improve your connection speed you can also use Homeplugs instead of wifi (google them) they are excellent if you are using a box that is quite far from the router.

If a channel freezes or hangs for a long time while loading then either hit “home” on the remote to take you out of the program or simply restart the box.

Hints to keep the box running smoothly..

The box is self updating – if the box is switched off most of the time it can’t update itself and you`ll find things will stop working after a while..leave it switched on where possible with Kodi running so any updates that come out are applied straight away (my general tip is to switch the box on when u have the tv on and switch it off when you have the tv off) just starting it up to watch a movie then switching it off afterwards is not a great way to use it.

Dead links.. this is IPTV so your going to find dead links (non working links) please just look for the program or channel elsewhere as there’s nothing I can do about it. If an add-on section stops working just leave it and usually an update comes out within a day or so to fix it automatically.

Any question please email me through the website.

Have a play around with it and you`ll soon find it very easy to use –they are very difficult to break so don’t worry. Worst case scenario is you may delete some software off it but you can just use the wizard program mentioned above to redownload it and put it back how it was..

If you get stuck at anytime press “return” on the remote a few times and it usually brings you back to the Kodi  screen failing that press “Home” which will take you back to the homescreen (planets revolving)