We think we provide the best android streaming box available anywhere (but we are bound to say that!) so here are a few comments from our customers..

Customer Feedback

Excellent service and fantastic iptv box – We use it everyday for all our viewing – its saved us a fortune.
Mark Grant
Fast Delivery and great after sales service – this is the android box to buy!
Cant believe its took me so long to find out about these streaming tv boxes they are brilliant its like owning every dvd ever made. The worldwide live tv is great Im now addicted to watching US news broadcasts!
Peter Donnelly
This has been the perfect solution for us in our villa here, we can get all the TV stations we had in the UK and much more – all our neighbors are purchasing them now!
Thomas. B
Excellent for keeping my kids entertained and I get to keep up with all my favorite TV shows with no advert breaks :)
Brilliant box and brilliant after sales service – have recommended to all my friends, still finding new things on it even after a month of using it, buying a second box for upstairs now.
Mark O`Keefe
Its saved me a fortune – I used to spend hundreds on box sets of dvds now I just type the name in and watch it in perfect HD online – amazing!
Thanks for the android box its been the best purchase I’ve made a in a long time I’ve recommended it to lots of my friends.
I bought a cheaper kodi tv box from eBay which turned out to be useless – this one is 100X better and the updates are great as I don’t have to mess around with any of the technical stuff :)
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You can watch live tv from any country - anywhere!

A brief overview:

Our streaming Tv box is basically a small (but powerful) computer that streams content through your Tv, you don’t need a satellite dish to use it just an internet connection (over 3 mb preferably) , You can take it anywhere with you as long as you have an internet signal. Once set up (takes about 1 min) you can then watch ANY movie or ANY tv show ever made – be it laurel and hardy from the 1920s to the latest hit US Tv shows that haven’t aired anywhere else in the world yet – you can also watch hundreds and hundreds of live tv channels from all over the globe – UK , USA, Australian, Arabic, Indian etc etc.. all live and all free. Sports coverage is amazing too, again basically all sporting events are covered .
Please take a look in the video section of the website and see the box in action and you`ll soon realise why we don’t have to advertise them much as everyone who buys one tends to recommend them to all their friends and family!

Did we mention it can play games too? any android based game will work and it also has MAME installed which means you can play any of you favourite retro 80s,90s arcade classics using a standard ps3 controller (we have preinstalled around 20 games to get you started) but you can add as many as you like.

android box games                         pac man for android box android gaming box

“More Mame games can be added easily and of course totally free!
there are literally thousands available, your Iptv box is not only a movie and tv box its also a fully loaded arcade!”

Wizard update app

Our specially written wizard app enables you to click one button and your system will be fully updated “over the air” with our latest version – we release updates with new channels etc nearly every week!

Constantly Evolving

We dont just sell you the android box and leave it at that – we constantly update and improve our system – making sure you always have the maximum amount of viewing available for free!.

After-sales support

We have a facebook group and youtube channel full of information and news and we also offer full email/telephone support should you have any problems.

Overview of our Android Box

Its an IPTV streaming box that can fit in your pocket but can stream any TV/Movie you can think of within seconds!
Easy & fast set up and so simple to use, no ongoing fees or subscriptions no need to sign up for anything ever!
Our own specialized KODI software which self updates so you just have to plug in and watch..
Loads of other top apps installed such as MovieHD, Mobdro, Showbox, Videomix, Netflix, iPlayer etc..
Full support and free upgrades for the lifetime of the box
Works with either Wifi or Ethernet (network cable)
Free shipping in the UK
Fast Shipping anywhere in the world

Android Box Features

Easy To Use100%
Fully Updateable100%
Telephone Helpline100%
Works Worldwide100%
Money Back Guarantee100%